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What is Voice Biometrics 2.0?

Historically, voice authentication solutions used static "passphrases" (like, "At XYZ, my voice is my password") to perform authentication.  Say-Tec's Voice Biometrics 2.0 uniquely uses numeric digits that we call "VoicePIN."  By simply speaking the 4- 6- or 8-digit Say-Tec VoicePIN into their mobile app, users, authenticate themselves, approve transactions, and even lock their biometric signature to each authentication.


Say-Tec helps companies transform their fragmented authentication methods into a seamless, secure customer authentication experience using voice technology. Say-Tec users speak a one-time numeric "VoicePIN" into their phones that authenticate the user and their transaction, session or event with complete anonymity. The solution can be applied to blockchain contracts and exchanges, payment approvals, password proxies, password recovery, and more.


Say-Tec provides a customer-friendly voice recognition and biometric authentication solution that replaces static passwords with a single use Say-Tec VoicePIN.  For authentications, the Say-Tec VoicePIN is unique each time so it can’t be counterfeited or replayed.


Key Benefits from Say-Tec include:

  • Improved customer experience

  • Lower data breaches, account hacks and fraud rates

  • Strong competitive differentiation

  • Reduced cost for hardware/security tokens

  • Lower operational overhead using our secure cloud-based solution


Say-Tec (formerly SayPay) was founded by Steve Hoffman with a vision to combine voice and digits into meaningful strings that can securely and simultaneously validate the user to a transaction or contract. After a few years of developing Say-Tec, Steve enhanced the biometric technology and expanded it with adaptive authentication solutions to support public and private blockchains. The company was purchased by Finnovant LLC in 2017.

Say-Tec is now fully incorporated into Finnovant, with Steve as Finnovant's Chief Product Officer.





Say-Tec uses a highly-sophisticated algorithm that creates in real-time, guaranteed-unique, VoicePIN. An availability timer verifies processing within a fixed duration after which time, the Say-Tec token expires. Once used, the Say-Tec VoicePIN is locked and signed for nonrepudiation.


Say-Tec’s cryptographic VoicePINs combine security, convenience, and flexible for remote identity and authentication. Their patent-pending solution uses tokenization, out-of-band, and biometric voice technology.


Say-Tec uses the exclusive characteristics of each person’s unique voice and it works on any type of telephone--from home phones to work phones, from basic mobile phones to smartphones. The type of phone determines how Say-Tec can be used. For all phones, Say-Tec is available using an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system. For smart phones, Say-Tec may be enabled through our SDK in a rich-client app.


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Say-Tec’s VoicePIN-in-a-Box provides companies with a toolkit to have their own voice biometric authentication proof-of-concept integrated quickly and easily—in as little as a few hours!  The VoicePIN SDK integrates into your iOS or Android app using the provided development framework that encapsulates the speech capture user interface and voice biometric processing to make adding voice biometrics to your app as simple as possible.

All the code to enable connectivity to the VoicePIN servers, to manage voice registration and voice verification for users, and for device specific functionality such as recording and manipulating audio samples, is provided by a simple VoicePIN library. Implementing voice biometric security then becomes as easy as adding this library and incorporating the simple source code snippets provided in to your application.

VoicePIN-in-a-Box supports the highly recommended digits-based voice authentication option.  A passphrase option is also available upon request.

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